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        EVA film advantage of environmental protection and insulation properties are good

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        EVA film advantage of environmental protection and insulation properties are good

        Release date:2016-08-25 Author: Click:

        EVA is derived from ethylene and vinyl acetate copolymerization. EVA copolymer composition, resin properties also will change. As the vinyl acetate component increases, the elasticity and softness of the resin are improved and the solubility in the organic solvent is enhanced. The higher content of the vinyl acetate resin is suitable for use as an adhesive. On the contrary, with the increase of ethylene content, the rigidity of the resin is enhanced, and the wear resistance and electrical insulation are improved. EVA agricultural films containing 10 to 20% of vinyl acetate have very good transparency and weather resistance, so it is particularly suitable for use as agricultural film.

            EVA film type and molding process and polyethylene film similar. EVA single-layer film molding methods commonly used for blow molding and T-die method, EVA multi-layer composite film commonly used co-extrusion method, coating and adhesive lamination coating method of forming.

            EVA film and pvc film, the waste film combustion treatment will not emit toxic gases, and EVA film without plasticizer bleed problem, so dust is better. Compared with the PE film, EVA film insulation is better, with a variety of resins and additives compatibility is better, therefore, EVA is often used to blend with other resin modified film or composite film. EVA film can be used to cover greenhouse and plastic shed, can also be used as plastic film.

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